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Mar 9, 2023·edited Mar 9, 2023Author

Self-care for me today is in how I take intentional pauses throughout the day to be grateful, in taking a few breaths to calm myself when things get intense, to get outside and get moving so my body can dispel the energy it needs to. It's also found in connection for me: how/where can I connect with the people I love and care about, find interesting to talk to, who make me feel lighter in my step and my speech.

Self-care means how/where can I find harmony amidst all the domains of my life (health, family, relationship, career, creativity, etc.) and knowing that it's a continuous life practice and can be different things, depending on where I'm at. And, surprisingly, self-care is a more quiet place than I would've ever thought...my younger self would be aghast at how much I love to stay in on a Saturday evening, curled up with a good book, my journal, some tea, and my cockapoo! :)

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